Mi 5s (capricorn)

Device File name Date Downloads
File size: 497.95 MB
md5sum: 9017a62dab147e03ab8e37fd17e17ae9
2018/04/06 21:39 637
AospExtended ROM:
- Merged April Security Patch(8.1.0_r20)
- Revamp extensions UI
- Major improvement in inbuilt themes
- Theme notifications cards,toast etc support
- Added Accent picker (DU’s fruity pebbles)
- Added Theme QS Tile
- Added Substratum Service commits
- Merged statusbar battery icon fixes
- Fixed widgets not loading issue
- Added screenshot edit option
- Configure QS panel transparency
- Added QS tiles animations
- Disable QS footer warnings
- Allow QS customizer to use custom rows and columns
- Improvements in hide QS tile’s title
- Configure USB default mode
- Add P animations (Toggleable)
- Added Ambient display QS tile
- Added AOD QS tile
- Added back statusbar center clock
- Added lockscreen visualizer
- Option to launch running services from QS footer
- Various other fixes and upstream patches
- Updated prebuilt apps
- Updates in aosp dialer & contact apps
Device Specific:
- First Official release for Capricorn
- Rebase trees
- Fix bootloop problems
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