Mi 5s (capricorn)

Device File name Date Downloads
File size: 503.52 MB
md5sum: 7140232f46c7c7a34370f11c441ec3a5
2018/05/11 00:40 651
AospExtended ROM:
- Merge May security patch (8.1.0_r26)
- Update all packages
- Update all translations
- Update DUI
- Update telephony
- Update SlimRecents
- Add support for boostframework (device specific)
- Add support for wireless FM (device specific)
- Add Sustained performance mode for Dialer
- Add sensor blocking of applications
- Add dialer look-up
- Add accidental touch
- Add Wakelock blocker
- Add Alarm blocker
- Add Battery bar
- Add Pocketjudge
- Add support for SmartPixels (device specific)
- Add support for blacklisting app in share button
- Add OmiStyles (QS Headers)
- Add suspend actions
- Add tile scroller for QS tiles
- Add running services toggle
- Add support for answer to reset for sim cards
- Add search indexing for Extensions
- Faster lockscreen animations
- Fix issues with Smartbar theming
- Fix weird recent menu P animation
- Fix QS footer
- Fix QS animations
- Fix % txt with square battery style
- UI/UX improvements
- Performance improvement and bug fixes
Device Specific:
- Kernel Swtiched to KernelX (my own kernel project)
- Optimizations
- Clean up trees (thanks to our scorpio maintainer, Alberto96)
- Fixed some memory leaks (thanks again to Alberto96)
- Fixed Excessive Overheating (thanks again to Alberto96)
- Some other minor fixes here and there (check Github to know more)
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