Mi 5s (capricorn)

Device File name Date Downloads
File size: 504.73 MB
md5sum: 63a7e76f80308a958075d4a11e4c54ef
2018/06/21 12:53 1431
AospExtended ROM:
- Merge June security patch (8.1.0_r30)
- Update all packages
- Update all translations
- Add Fingerprint blockage for pocket lock
- Add support for more FLAC rates
- Add fingerprint gesture support (Device Specific)
- Add edge gesture support
- Add and improve DU clock style
- Add more styles for clock
- Add DU font engine
- Add more fonts
- Add support for HSR and HFR rates
- Add more accents
- Fix accent theming on Extended UI
- Allow to use Jelly instead of Via as the default browser (Maintainer’s choice)
- Allow to use GCam as default camera app (Maintainer’s choice)
- Add back stock animation speed
- Fix swiping away of locked tasks
- Fix center clock not showing in QS header
- Add support for Webview theming
- Add option to disable wallpaper tint
- Add back notification counter
- Fix screen recorder notification actions
- Add option to hide edit icon from QS footer
- Add new default wallpaper
- Add grid or android go style recents
- Add status bar NFC icon with toggle (Device Specific)
- Improve face unlocking
- Improve SmartPixels
- Fix all possible NPEs
- Under the hood improvements
- UI/UX improvements
- Performance improvement and bug fixes
Device specific:
- More work around thermal
- Improved WiFi Power Savings
- (Seems that is) Fixed issues with audio
- Removed sound control from Kernel (it wasn't working properly and might had some relation with audio issues)
- Used Clang 7.0 to build kernel
- Kernel rebased under Xiaomi Oreo kernel release
- Enabled radio power savings
- Some sepolicy updates
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